Conference Program

The CMC International Conference “Making a Sustainable World: Creative thinking, Digital revolution, Friendly & disruptive innovation” will be organized together with APCO – the Italian MC Institute – and will take place in Milan (Italy), on October 18- 19th, 2018.

On the morning of October 18th, keynote international speakers will focus on the strategic picture of priorities and drivers for ensuring a sustainable future, highlighting how this affects the Management Consulting industry. In the afternoon, two panels will take place: the first one focusing on best practices for the effective training in all aspects related to sustainability and the other one discussing best practices that have already been successfully experimented by MC with helping clients to move toward a more sustainable future. Both of them will open new scenarios for the management consulting industry through the witnesses that will be
presented.  All participants will learn, take inspirations and share ideas with the key players for new strategies, models and tools useful to add new value to their clients.

The Conference will continue on October 19th, with office visits to three firms that have made significant steps in their migration to a more sustainable way of doing business.

Participants divided into three groups, one for each company, will be welcomed by the presentation of the best practices adopted by them and the results in the respective business sectors. Subsequently, under the guidance of expert session leaders, participants will engage in group work to analyze the strategic options to achieve the objectives of economic, environmental and social sustainability in light of internal and external factors that influence sustainability achievement.

The synthesis of the group work will be presented in the afternoon in plenary with the aim of drawing the strategic lines for an increasingly participatory “governance” that harmonizes the three lines of sustainability analyzed, leveraging on strengths such as creative thinking, digital revolution and innovation, highlighting opportunities and points still open.

Management consultants will have the opportunity to discuss these issues in an international scenario, while young people will become familiar with best practices to build a sustainable world.


The 6th CMC International Conference will take place from October 18th to 19th 2018.

Time First day Second day

Plenary Session

  • Registration of participants
  • Welcome addresses
  • Opening lecture
    Keynote: The Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: a must to save the world
  • Trends, needs and key questions
    Keynote: How creative thinking, disruptive and friendly innovation impact on CxOs agenda
    Keynote: New paradigms in social environment and urban life
  • Closing remarks
  • Get together at Congress Center and division into groups
  • Departure of the participants with private bus and reception at the host companies

Parallel Sessions – Workshops

  • Session workshop “Economic and Organization”
  • Session workshop “Environment”
  • Session workshop “People and Social”
  • Return to the Congress Center with private bus

Panel Discussions

  • Panel One - Best Practices now and tomorrow in Education & Training
    Theme: how we are teaching sustainability – the influence of creative thinking, digital revolution, friendly and disruptive innovation
  • Panel Two - Best Practices now and tomorrow in Companies and Consulting
    Theme: how we are implementing sustainability through creative thinking, digital revolution, friendly and disruptive innovation
  • Conclusions

Plenary Session

  • Presentation of Work Group outcomes
  • Closing remarks
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Farewell

Contantinus Award

A Mark of Distinction

CMC-Global, the global association of national management consulting institutes, has initiated the Constantinus International Award in order to promote excellence in consulting services worldwide.
The dynamic branch of management consulting is an important sparring partner for businesses and entrepreneurs – especially, when precise expertise and efficient implementation of measures are in demand. “Naturally, the quality of the consulting sector relies heavily on the innovative strengths of the consultants themselves. This is why CMC-Global has initiated the Constantinus International Award in order to give a prominent stage to all the excellent accomplishments of the branch”, states the chairperson of CMC-Global.

The international award showcasing excellence in consulting

Having launched the award in 2011, CMC-Global has since then actively promoted the award among all its member institutes, and has awarded many companies for their projects.
The mark of the award assesses both delivery (consulting firms) and beneficiary (clients) each for their role in carrying out the project and implementing its findings. Making it the only international award in that perspective.
The award highlights complete partnership between provider and client for the benefit of the business community in general.